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Our Vineyards & Winemaking

Thomas George Estates produces only Estate Wine from grapes grown in our three distinct Russian River Valley Vineyards.  Our goal is to develop an intimate understanding of the diverse terroirs of these Estate Vineyards, each of which is capable of expressing itself in a distinctive way.  After many years of this pursuit we now believe we have that understanding and are able to produce Single Block and Single Vineyard Wines that are both a true and natural expression of their varietal and of the idiosyncrasies of their home in our Vineyards.  As a result, each wine is fermented and aged in small, separate lots in stainless steel tank, concrete vessels and French oak barrels the impact of which is limited to helping us express the terroir of each wine. Case production of our wines is relatively small, typically ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred cases.

At Thomas George Estates our Vineyards define us.  We strive to practice dry farming techniques where possible.  We believe this gives the vines an opportunity to explore the soil and provides a true expression of the site.  Varieties, clones and rootstocks are all carefully chosen to fit the site’s natural expression.  Each site’s vigor is matched to row spacing, orientation, canopy, pruning to uniquely balance our wines with textural, structured, and palate-driven focus and inherent complexity.

At Thomas George Estates respect for all aspects of the environment where we grow our grapes is paramount to our identity.  Each of our Estate Vineyards is certified Sonoma County Sustainable: Introduced in 2010, CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE is a certification program providing third-party verification that a winery or vineyard has adopted and implemented stringent sustainable wine-growing standards based on the Industry's Code of 200+ best practices, and has committed to continuous improvement in those areas.

Baker Ridge

Cresta Ridge

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